Eisaro Hair Comb –Detangling Fine Tooth Wooden Hair Combs, Green Sandalwood Buffalo Horn Comb, Gift for Men Women and Kids

1. SHINY, SMOOTH, TANGLE-FREE HAIR: Handcrafted from 100% organic green sandalwood and buffalo horns (no cruelty source) with tender care. Spread natural oil from scalp to hair tails. Detangles natural, thick and curly hairs effortlessly. Long-term use adds shine, volume and improves hair texture.

2. NATURAL AROMA: The Sandalwood aroma helps to calm the mind and soothe stress. It is also said to invigorate courage, purpose, strength, and happiness.

3. NO SNAGS, NO TANGLE, NO STATIC: It's time to go Natural! Get rid of your plastic combs that cause frizz in your hair. Buffalo horn is rich in natural protein and is anti-static. Your hair will feel smooth and smells good.

4. COMPACT SIZE: Measuring 20.5cm*5.5cm (8inch*2inch) this detangler comb is extremely portable. A nice-looking drawstring bag is included for easy carrying.

5. THE PERFECT GIFT: Because of its premium quality and precious nature, Green Sandalwood Combs can be a great gift that lasts for decades. This unique comb comes in a premium gift box and a nice drawstring bag, which gives it the Perfect Gift Look. A great Valentine's Day Gift, Christmas Gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift for him or her.

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4 Easy Ways to Distinguish Buffalo Horn Comb from Fake Plastic Comb

1. Texture contrast: Genuine horn combs should be straight, smooth, sturdy and mellow. Fake horn combs are usually made by special plastic material, but they are lacking glossiness and feel poorly in your hand.


2. Smell Contrast: Dip some water on a finger and use the finger to rub the horn comb surface quickly, then a smell of burned hair or feather will come out. This is because of the similar composition between the horn and hair/feather as above. Fake horn combs have no such smell.


3. Sinking Test: Genuine horn combs will sink in the water while the plastic ones float.


4. Static Test: Genuine horn combs are conductive, they don't produce static, while the plastic combs do.

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