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LED TAXI Sign Lamp (Black)

This is an LED sign that displays the word "TAXI". It is suitable for use on a taxi to give prompt or for home decoration.
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SKU: ER1257S

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Solar Shark Fin LED Alarm Light (Silver)

This shark fin LED light will light up using solar power. It is eco-friendly and easy to install.
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SKU: ER1408R

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14-LED Car Brake Light (Red)

This car brake light is equipped with 14 super bright LEDs and will light up immediately upon braking.
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SKU: ER0873X

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Car Interior Decoration Blue LED Illumination Light

This blue light LED illumination light is perfect for car interior decoration and easy to use with double-side adhesive tape.
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SKU: ER1261B

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Car Wiper Wind Powered Lights Set of 2 (Black)

These car wiper wind powered lights are eco-friendly and easy to install. The lights feature red, green and blue LEDs.
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SKU: ER1651W

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ZW-6112 18-LED White Car Interior Roof Dome Light (White)

This car interior dome light features 18 super bright LED lights and is suitable for most vehicles.
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DC12V Red LED Taxi Board (Transparent)

In the middle of the board is a white word TAXI when getting through electricity.
The word will be changed into red LED light.
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SKU: LX2889X

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4pcs E36 E38 E39 E46 RGB 4*131MM Multi-Color 5050 Flash LED ANGEL EYES Kit (Mixed Color)

Special black pcb panel, 2.0mm thickness. Built-in Circuit for DC 12V Voltage input. These universal auto LED marker with built-in RGB color LED controller could show multicolored light, 16 colors option. Lower power, 360 o degree shine. Super high power CCFL Halo kit, sharply visible in both day and night! Can be used for car headlight-marker-angel eyes. Top quality car part of Super Bright LED headlights. Low heat generation, virtually unbreakable.
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SKU: LX2895R

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2.5W 18SMD CANBUS Error Free Brake Tail Car LED Light Bulb (Red)

Higher energy saving efficiency. Faster on/off response time. Long life time, low power consumption and super bright. New LED technology reduces power consumption from 40% to 80%. Come with built-in CANBUS load resistors to avoid OBC error code. Compatible with: 1157(BAY15D) 1016 1034 1076 1130 1142 1152 1154 1158 1493 2057 2357 2396 2397 3496 3497 7528 12499 12594 P21/2.5W ...(For Reference Only)
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SKU: ER1308S

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Car Wind Powered Light (Silver)

This car wind powered light is eco-friendly and easy to install. It features colorful light to add more fun to driving.
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